Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Revlon Eyeshadow Plum Galaxy: a review. *picture heavy*

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Revlon has come up with some new eye shadows. Now out of the few they had, I was immediately attracted to Plum Galaxy. I have an affinity for purple eyeshadows and I thought this one would be another nice addition. Now granted, I did see that it has glitters hence the name "diamond lust" (more like diamond dust, to me). I already have some glitter eyeshadows in my arsenal, so I had to keep an open mind how this one will operate.

Revlon Eyeshadow Plum Galaxy

When I used this eyeshadow, I have to admit I had some issues with it. First of all, this eyeshadow will not work ( to me) with just an eyeshadow primer. No my friend, YOU will need a sticky base like a cream eyeshadow or the la splash base. And if you to buy this eyeshadow with the sole purpose of just having a glittery eyeshadow. THINK again, because you are setting yourself up for disappointment. This eyeshadow will work best if you layer it with other eyeshadows. Using it on its own (unless you have a real sticky base) won't cut it. The micro-glitters in blueish purple are beautiful, yes--BUT again you have to work it with a base. I really did not experience fall out, but the la splash did wonders on me on making sure the glitters adhered to my lids.
Revlon Plum Galaxy swatch

Revlon Plum Galaxy swatch
So will I recommend this eyeshadow? It depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a glittery eyeshadow to layer other purple eyeshadows, then absolutely. It will enhance your eyeshadow by a bit. If you already have glitters like the ones its showing in the pictures, I would say then pass.

Disclaimer: not a sponsored review. This is my point of view of the review, you are welcomed to agree or disagree with me.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Nabi Blushes: a review.

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--> Roughly over a month ago, my spouse and I went to downtown to walk around and view what some stores had to offer. By cheer and I mean CHEER luck, I happen to quickly see a store that had Nabi goodies. And of course, I needed to go in and see what else I had. Would you believe the store offered Nabi goodies and eyelashes for one dollar?!? I know right! After looking at all their blushes, I picked 3 colors that I did not personally owned. I chose: Almond, Hot Peach and Orange.

Nabi Blush in Almond, Hot Peach and Orange

The texture on Almond is a creamy matte, both Hot Peach and Orange were slightly on the satin side (more like 80%matte and 20%satin ~if this makes any sense to you). The color Almond is a mix between Chocolate and Pink Rose. A perfect shade for contouring or even as an eyeshadow. Hot Peach and Orange are shades that offer a mix of peach and pink. Hot Peach is a perfect slightly bright pink-peach color that is extremely flattering. Orange, on the other hand, is a slightly darker peachy-pink color, again very flattering color. What is wonderful about these blushes is that they are not sheer at all. In fact these colors are potent and even build-able. These blushes beats covergirl blushes hands down as far color saturation is concerned. And even as the day progresses this color won't oxidize that much.

Nabi blush swatch for Almond hot peach and orange

On the downside, this brand is not available online for purchase (as far as I know). A real shame since this brand has potential of raising the bar in terms of quality of cosmetics at the drugstore level. My advice? when you have a day to kill and you are tempted to go to a drugstore, give a shot in your local downtown area and see if any mom and pop biz offers Nabi.  This is by far, one of the best investments I have made. I am looking forward expanding my Nabi collection. What are your thoughts on Nabi?

Disclaimer: not a sponsored review. Purchased cosmetics with my own money and my review is honest; however, people always have a choice to agree or disagree with me.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Home Made Brush Drier

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As I was reading my copy of Bobby Brown's Beauty, it reminded me of how NOT to dry my brushes (I will lay them on a towel, according to BB, a Huge NO NO). I did not want to spend any money considering I am not employed. My inspiration came seeing how people dry their herbs kinds like having a cloth liner. So, I came up with the idea of using a used yogurt container OR even a butter container. The cool thing is that I did not spend any money on it, I just invested about 30 min or so. Here is what you will need.

1. either a yogurt or Butter container, fully washed and dried
2. A box cutter
3. A marker

Now, what I've done is draw rectangles around the container. Almost like making mini windows. With this you MUST be careful. I used a piece of scrap wood on my lap when I was cutting the little windows. With the lid, it was a bit easier. Granted the first few tries I bombed it, but then I figured out just to mark a "x"  with the marker as opposed to just cutting out little holes like I did. I used my brush handle as a guide how Big or Small the X would be. Although you may not be able to see it. on This lid, I am able to put thru 13 brushes. NOW, I do not have many brushes to begin with. BUT I would suggest for the bigger brushes use a butter container and reserve the "yogurt" container for smaller brushes. Just a suggestion! ;)

I think this is a great idea and it was worked for me. Give it a shot, it won't cost you anything but time. I wish you luck and let me know your thoughts on this.
As always becareful and if you are under 18 have a parent with you to help out!

DISCLAIMER: All products used here were purchased with my own money. I was not compensated in any form by using these items. My opinions are 100% honest.