Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I am sorry...will be posting stuff ASAP

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Hi everyone,
Sorry I have not posted anything yet. I have been sick these past days. On top of that, I was hired to be a tutor! (yay!). I got a few dollar goodies ON TOP of what I promised to review. Ay ay ay...Sorry for this delay. Hopefully I can feel a bit better and get these goodies reviewed!!! Thanks for your support. Even if by support I mean looking and reading my reviews *lol*.

I'll be BACK *scratchy throat*

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Giveaway?? Hell yes I AM IN!!!

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The very beautiful and talented Blix is hosting a giveaway on her blogsite:

The indie brand Morgana Cryptoria (catchy name!!!) has provided some gorgeous goodies for Blix to  giveaway!!!

I have entered the giveaway and I am hoping the makeup Gods are on my favor!
Please check out Blix! She does beautiful makeup!!

FTC: as per Blix giveaway rules, I had to announce the giveaway. I was not payed, but in order to enter the contest I had to mention the giveaway.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Big Lots Goodies!

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There is a new Big Lots store that has just opened (I believe) last month. Out of curiosity, my hubby and I went in. Let me just say I felt like a kid in a toy store!!!

Revlon Duo

Found a few of these for $2.00! I already have a silver nail polish and a green one. But hey the price is right!!!

Simply Sweet eyeshadow palette
I never heard of this brand, but on the back of this palette they provided a website ( The impression the website gave me was a novelty company. I tried to look online for any feed back on the quality of these eyeshadows and sadly I could not find any!
Colormates Nail Art
I think these are well priced nail art! Coincidentally enough, it is a Colormates nail polish I purchased at the dollar store that I am trying to get to, for reviewing purposes! I will say the Colormates at this particular Big Lots store is well priced. Sadly, they did not have the Donna Michelle nail Art I found at my dollar tree!

Salon Express Nail Art Stamping Kit

Not bad for the nail art tamping kit, considering my local Sally's they are priced about 9 Dollars!

One of the many things I have found on sale was a lot and I MEAN a lot of Pantene Pro-v shampoo. Well priced for about $3.50! Sorry I did not take a picture of that. Not pictured is an item I purchased, that will be reviewed. Let me just say I bought it because the price was right. Well when I got home and searched the net for "reviews", I was blown away to find out that NOT ONLY is the item discontinued--but it is a HIGHLY coveted beauty item! In fact, many people were begging for the makers to bring it back! I honestly hit the money pot with that one!!!!!

That's it folks! I will say next time I have some dough, I'll be going there AGAIN!!!!!

FTC: I did not pay for the items, just took pictures. Not being payed for taking pictures of these items. All opinions are 100% HONEST!

Monday, October 15, 2012

NYX eyeshadow: browns and neutrals swatches

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NYX swatches of: iced mocha, true taupe, nutmeg, volcano and deep bronze

I wanted to take today and provide you some swatches of NYX shadows that I already own. This really will not be a review. I will take a little time to tell you about the shade. Will also describe a little about the shade. Hopefully this can give you an idea of the color and how to best use it.

NYX eyeshadow: iced mocha and true taupe

Iced Mocha: for me frosty/satin finish. a brown,gold mix. medium to dark opacity
True Taupe: for me a matte/satin finish. soft brown/gray color. light opacity. best used as an over wash of color for eyelid. you will need to layer the color a few times for the color to show up. best used with a large shade brush. Will not deposit enough color should you use a shade brush like the $1.00 dollar one from elf. I tried that and I failed miserably.

NYX eyeshadow: Nutmeg and Volcano 

Nutmeg: a satin/matte finish (more satin). a bronze,pinkish, champagne color. sheer opacity. best used as a eyelid color/wash. you will need to layer this a few times for the color to show up. Like True Taupe, you will need to use a large shade brush with dense bristles so the shade can deposit color on your lid.
Volcano:a matte/shimmer hybrid, but more on the shimmer side. golden,pink,maroon in color. not recommended for crease. if you use this as a crease color, as shimmer will disappear. best use as a liner color or lid color. you must use a good eyeshadow base for the shimmer to stay on. light to medium opacity.

NYX eyeshadow: Volcano and Deep Bronze

Volcano: Please see above for description.
Deep Bronze: shimmer/matte color. a brown/bronze color. light to medium opacity. could be used as a crease color/liner color.

Here it is guys. In case what you are wondering was is that yellowish stickers on the lids. It is my description of the color since I use tackle boxes to organize my eyeshadow.

Hope this helps ya! Take Care!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

NYC Sheer Red Lipstick review and swatch-very pic heavy

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New York Color lipstick in Sheer Red #309

NYC...a brand that is obtainable in many drugstores and grocery shops. I will say this color on today's review is a cult favorite and I mean it in the most deserving way. You  would think how easily it would be to throw a way a dollar. But man, when in comes to Sheer Red by NYC, is one HELL of a dollar well spent. Let me tell you why.
My Bare Lips

NYC Sheer Red worn at full opacity
All Red lipsticks are no created equal. You have your blue toned, fuchsia red variety that honestly the majority of us cannot wear. I am included in this select majority. When I think of the color "RED" I think of apples, blood (sounds morbid, I know) and of course Snow White. My biggest grippe when it comes to the color Red is that often times when I have purchased a lipstick that looked red was in fact a dark fuchsia-red hybrid. Although I am quite pasty for a Hispanic woman, my undertone is soft yellows and peach, maybe just maybe a pinch of pink. I have seen other people who have Scandinavian roots and their complexion is just pink (like my hubby, a Scandinavian mix himself). Or just women who are extremely fair and that fuchsia red color may look gorgeous on her. For the life of me, it pisses me that most Red lipsticks out there are catered to more Norse roots. I have nothing against that or them, I just wished cosmetics company at least had a variety of Reds that can Cater to: Scandinavian Roots (not only), Mediterranean, African, Native roots and so on.
Now here in the 21st you have people who are of mixed origin (I am in this demographic as well) and for some odd reason companies (some not all) have not even managed to update or expand foundation shades, let alone lipsticks.
So lets get to know a little about NYC New York Color (
What I love about them, is their advertisement. They have done their home work and cater cosmetics that can fit to any race. Even bigger plus is their prices. The lipstick I am reviewing today is one of those lipsticks that I NEED to have two of them. One for my makeup kit and the other for my purse. I will say here in all honesty: THIS IS THE ONLY LIPSTICK I NEEDED TO PURCHASE MORE THAN ONCE. That good it is.

NYC Sheer red swatch in the shade
NYC Sheer Red swatch in sunlight

If you were to categorize this color is a mix of dark berry red. It is not a matte shade, its creme. The lipstick itself is very moisturizing. But this shade my reader, is absolutely UNIVERSAL. That's what I love about this shade, it looks good on anyone. Wear time is about 3 hours, or depending if I am drinking or eating.

NYC Sheer Red blotted and taken in the sunlight

If you are completely turned off by the notion of wearing red lipstick or feel you are not confident to wear such a bold shade;  allow me to give you a little peace of mind by stating that this shade can be worn sheer or as dark as the lipstick allow you to be.

NYC Sheer Red in various, lighting, angles, and opacity

 I was smart and nabbed 2 of these lipsticks for 1 dollar. Come again? They had a 50 cents off coupon, this lipstick retails at .99 cents! YES, 99 cents!
YES NYC is an American Brand, however they are available online at, at their site at this time the lipstick "NYC New York Color Ultra Moist LipWear" is priced at $1.59.

So getting to the benefits, here they are.

Creme Formula
Lipstick Color flattering to my complexion
Availability (state wide)

Availability (International)

So in summation, who will benefit from this purchase? The makeup artist that need a red lipstick that can be downplayed to look like a tinted lipbalm, the person who is in a tight budget and needs a red lipstick color, the person who has tried every single red shade created and cannot find a red shade lipstick that compliments her skin tone. If you meet any of the criteria above, then you are in LUCK!
All I want to say to NYC, THANK YOU for being smart to create a beautiful lipstick color that can look beautiful on anyone around the world at such an affordable price. I love everything about this shade Holy Grail quality and Officially a "Dollar Gem"!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Topics that will be revisited

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Image not my property, I just agree with Homer's Action!

After browsing some topics that I have posted, it has come to my attention that I was not as informative and thorough as I should have been. Because of this oversight, I will be revising and posting some topics.

1. The use of cornstarch/rice powder/arrow root (aka tapioca starch) powder. What I should have done is post pictures with makeup and using the three as a setting powder so you can know/tell the difference. I am allergic to cornstarch; however, I will use it so you can still see how it performs. I will also post pictures so you can see the texture a little better.

2. I will add a picture of the "La Bella" feet scrub so you can see the texture. The review was fine, I will just add the picture of the scrub itself.

as of now I am doing a basic post of some NYX shadows that I own, a simple "Henna" design and Henna benefits/uses. Finally a review of a nail polish bought at Dollar tree. And not to forget, the review of essence primer. I promise to keep the reviews nice, short and simple. Not an entire biography of the product!

I appreciate taking the time to read my reviews. I just barely started coming back to this. I will certainly appreciate it if you would subscribe. It's free and painless and will let me know I am not writing to an empty world! *lol*

Take Care!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Donna Michelle Nail Art Haul at Dollar Tree, picture heavy

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Donna Michelle Nail Art, Dollar Tree

I have been wanting to use these since I bought them roughly a month ago. But I could not forgive myself before showing you guys how this nail art comes.

Donna Michelle Nail Art from Dollar Tree
What I love about Dollar Tree is that you can find so many cool things at such an affordable price. Since the beaded nail art has come to a full storm, I honestly did not see myself spending 14 dollars for plastic mini beads. If you can afford it, more power to you. While going to Dollar Tree to see any cool things they have available, they had a bunch of these little nail art displays. They had glitters, little plastic shapes (hearts, stars, etc) all for just ONE DOLLAR!!! When I saw these two things came to mind: DIY nail bead design ala CHEAP and cool holographic flecks background.
Donna Michelle Nail Art Beads close up

Donna Michelle Nail Art Flecks close up
Nail Art size comparison

In real life, the little bottles are very small. About the size of an American Penny.
Despite the small amount, you cannot beat the price! I cannot wait to use these. I highly recommend you to check out your Dollar Trees! You may uncover a hidden GEM!!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Banana Boat baby 50+ Sunblock review and swatch

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Banana Boat baby sunblock 50+ tear free

First let me say I have been rather behind when it comes to today's post. I will say in my defense that I live in the Rio Grande Valley. Down here they have (in my opinion) two seasons: Summer and Spring. I know by now most of the USA has 70 degree weather maybe 60 (I'm guessing here) but today my dear reader was a whooping 96 degrees. Yes 96 degrees. So you see today's post is justified! It's still hot down here and we still need to wear sunblock! So on with the show!

There are two reasons why I bought Banana Boat Baby. First, because of the amount. It provides 8 ounces. Secondly, because it has a sensitive formula. This one is for babies. Lastly, because of the 50 plus uv/b protection and price ($7.55 @ HEB). I will admit, before this I was using the Aveeno one, but the formula (eventhough it claims to be oil free) is too rich for my skin. Also for 3 oz I payed $8.00 dollars. Call me cheap, but I want more bang for my buck. I took on the chance mostly because it was geared for babies. I thought if the formula is gentle enough for a baby, it should suit my skin. I am so glad I bought this and let me tell you why.

Banana Boat Baby 50+ Sunblock backside
I was extremely delighted it came with a lot of product. 8 ounces for 8 dollars (roughly speaking)? Fabulous! The formula is right on the money. I use foundation that at times do not provide a high enough SPF. At times, I wear my Garnier BB cream on nice days, but the 15 SPF just doesn't cut it. Due to trial and error, I skip moisturizer when using this sunblock. When you layer your face and mind you if you have an oily face like mine: layering cream, after cream, after cream is rather stupid. Stupid because if your face is already oily, why pack on more oil? Do you really need more oil on your skin? Exactly, YOU DO NOT! I learned when using this sunblock, to apply it right after I wash my face. By the time I finish doing my eyes, my skin has soaked up the product and I do not have to wait around to apply my foundation. Technical "techniques"  uses aside, I love this formula. This is not creamy, or greasy its more liquid.
Swatch for Banana Boat Baby 50+ Sunblock
The best comparison I can give you is Oil of Olay moisturizer for sensitive skin 15 SPF. I admit, I own the knock -off version sold in Wal-Mart and the texture is almost just like it. When I apply to my skin, it feels like a water based light cream. Not oily and it really soaks up instantly. Do not be afraid of the swatch. It looks pale white at the bottom, it actually disappears once you rub it on your skin. Like anything you apply on your skin, with time you will see the oil. I use regular tissue paper to blot and my skin looks just as good when I applied it. So who will enjoy this? anyone who needs a proper sunblock that won't irritate your skin!

The price (8 dollars/it may depend where you purchase it)
the amount: 8 oz
sensitive formula/not greasy
high SPF 50+

none that I can think of!

Do not spend 30 to 50 dollars for an expensive sunblock/moisturizer. This one does the job of two at such an affordable price. When in doubt for a sunblock for either play or work; give this one a shot. For me this is holy grail stuff!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Essence Nail polish: #122 Chic Reloaded swatch and review

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Essence Nail Polish in #122 chic reloaded

Before I proceed with this review, let me apologize for not reviewing these past days. I had Jury Duty and it was extremely stressful for me. I needed a little R&R.  On with the show! *lol*

Chic Reloaded is one of those shades that kept calling me when I was at Ulta a few weeks back.  Inside at the store you would have thought it was a basic charcoal black color. To my surprise it is a duo-chrome!

Essence Nail Polish in #122 chic reloaded. closer view

The only thing disappointing are the photos. I tried so hard to capture the other shade it leans to (blackish green). I took so many photos and NONE of them could capture the green color it leans. It is a shame since all you see in the photo is the black, sorta purple-ish, semi-pink. To make you truly understand what I am talking about, I searched on the net for oil spills.
Image Credit:

When you see the purple meet the pink and a bit of green: that is exactly how the nail polish actually looks when the sun reflects it! Ok...enough about the color!

The nail polish itself is good. Taken a good 2 coats to reach full opacity. It is priced at 1.99 however because of my discount they deducted 47 cents. Not bad for a polish that costs virtually $1.52 The color is very pretty and unique. It was a great idea for me to follow my instinct and purchase the shade.

**The Positives**

2 coats to reach full opacity
unique color



Here in Texas there are 2 places where Essence are sold. First one is, of course; Ulta. Second one and most popular, HEB (Texas based grocery chain). My only complaint for HEB is that they do not carry the other goods that Ulta seems to carry! This nailpolish is NOWHERE available in HEB. Only the .99 cent ones! It bothers me since Essence is so affordable and I do check their official website for new collections.(Here comes the RANT) When those collections come out, it almost feels like a waiting game. And when they do come out, they are tucked away in some  display you have to be on your knees to look at the product. When you have people buying groceries and using the grocery cart and constantly asking you (kindly mind you) to scoot over so they can go about their business: it is a HUGE turn OFF!!!!!! HEB NEEDS to really think about how they display their collections in a manner that people can enjoy what they see and entice them to buy it. Bending over, kneeling over is a major inconvenience. At least Kohls is smart enough to keep the product at eye level. Okay I spoke my peace.

So is this shade worth the purchase? Absolutely. I would only recommend it if you do not have any shade like it. If you have something quite similar, you are better off buying a shade that you don't already own. But hey, your money is your prerogative. If you want to own items that look almost the same, then by all means go for it and buy it.