Monday, October 8, 2012

Donna Michelle Nail Art Haul at Dollar Tree, picture heavy

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Donna Michelle Nail Art, Dollar Tree

I have been wanting to use these since I bought them roughly a month ago. But I could not forgive myself before showing you guys how this nail art comes.

Donna Michelle Nail Art from Dollar Tree
What I love about Dollar Tree is that you can find so many cool things at such an affordable price. Since the beaded nail art has come to a full storm, I honestly did not see myself spending 14 dollars for plastic mini beads. If you can afford it, more power to you. While going to Dollar Tree to see any cool things they have available, they had a bunch of these little nail art displays. They had glitters, little plastic shapes (hearts, stars, etc) all for just ONE DOLLAR!!! When I saw these two things came to mind: DIY nail bead design ala CHEAP and cool holographic flecks background.
Donna Michelle Nail Art Beads close up

Donna Michelle Nail Art Flecks close up
Nail Art size comparison

In real life, the little bottles are very small. About the size of an American Penny.
Despite the small amount, you cannot beat the price! I cannot wait to use these. I highly recommend you to check out your Dollar Trees! You may uncover a hidden GEM!!