Monday, October 15, 2012

NYX eyeshadow: browns and neutrals swatches

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NYX swatches of: iced mocha, true taupe, nutmeg, volcano and deep bronze

I wanted to take today and provide you some swatches of NYX shadows that I already own. This really will not be a review. I will take a little time to tell you about the shade. Will also describe a little about the shade. Hopefully this can give you an idea of the color and how to best use it.

NYX eyeshadow: iced mocha and true taupe

Iced Mocha: for me frosty/satin finish. a brown,gold mix. medium to dark opacity
True Taupe: for me a matte/satin finish. soft brown/gray color. light opacity. best used as an over wash of color for eyelid. you will need to layer the color a few times for the color to show up. best used with a large shade brush. Will not deposit enough color should you use a shade brush like the $1.00 dollar one from elf. I tried that and I failed miserably.

NYX eyeshadow: Nutmeg and Volcano 

Nutmeg: a satin/matte finish (more satin). a bronze,pinkish, champagne color. sheer opacity. best used as a eyelid color/wash. you will need to layer this a few times for the color to show up. Like True Taupe, you will need to use a large shade brush with dense bristles so the shade can deposit color on your lid.
Volcano:a matte/shimmer hybrid, but more on the shimmer side. golden,pink,maroon in color. not recommended for crease. if you use this as a crease color, as shimmer will disappear. best use as a liner color or lid color. you must use a good eyeshadow base for the shimmer to stay on. light to medium opacity.

NYX eyeshadow: Volcano and Deep Bronze

Volcano: Please see above for description.
Deep Bronze: shimmer/matte color. a brown/bronze color. light to medium opacity. could be used as a crease color/liner color.

Here it is guys. In case what you are wondering was is that yellowish stickers on the lids. It is my description of the color since I use tackle boxes to organize my eyeshadow.

Hope this helps ya! Take Care!