Friday, August 24, 2012

Revlon Colorstay Base Coat and Top coat- a review

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Revlon Colorstay Base Coat and Top Coat

I have promised this review over a week ago, and here are my thoughts.
I have been searching for a good base coat and top coat for the longest time. I have tried high end top coats as well as cheap ones. The only and honest reason that attracted me to buy Revlon it was because HEB had a coupon of 2$ off for any cosmetic item. The base and top coat retails for 4.95 each. Since I used two coupons I saved 4$. Not bad, but the real question was: Can it perform well? Let me tell you what I did and YOU be the judge. I put my hands thru abuse. Yes I did. I scrubbed, did name it. I was completely impressed my nailpolish held up. Granted there was feathering on my tips, but no huge chips AT ALL!

I was surprised because usually by day 5, my nails look they went thru a battlefield with chipped corners galore. But after 10 days my nails still look pretty decent! There are no words that can truly justify how Revlon Colorstay Base and Top coat performed. This is honest to God Holy Grail quality. There is No need for me to look for another base or top coat, EVER. UNLESS...Revlon gets the crazy idea of discontinuing or tempering with a winning formula.
 One thing I forgot to mention and it is worthy to mention that the brush for both base coat and top coat are big. Perfect enough that in one dip you can cover the nail completely.

Wet n Wild makeup remover- a review

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Wet n Wild Makeup remover

A few weeks ago HEB had a promo for Wet n Wild. They Had a Buy one Get one free promotion. I ran out of my favorite makeup remover and thought of giving this one a chance.

Wet n Wild makeup remover open

One of the things I really appreciated was the fact that when you open the bottle it has an orifice reducer. My favorite makeup remover does not even have that. But sadly, this is all the positive I have to say regarding the product. When I started to use the product to remove my eyeshadow, it was burning me. Really really BAD. My eyes got really red to the point I had to splash water and lay down on my bed for 10 minutes. I wish I could say this was an exaggeration, but honest to God I was in real pain. I never had such an allergic reaction to a beauty product in my life. Because of this reaction, there is no way I can honestly endorse the purchase of this product. I am not saying it may not work on all of you, but buyer beware regardless. Lucky me, I saved my receipt and got my money back. Love their lipsticks and eyeshadows, but their makeup removal was a 110% fail for me.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Nabi nailpolish & home made nail graphics

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Nabi Nail polish #17 Sand

 I haven't reviewed the Nabi nail polishes I purchased many months ago, and I thought the timing was perfect. Let me introduce you to the Nabi nailpolish Color #17 Sand. Sand can be described as a pinky brown color. Let me tell you this color is pretty concentrated! You will need no more than 2 coats to reach full opacity and the formula is not streaky at all. What I would need to do much later is to give an update on how much this polish can take. In other words, if it can stand hot showers, doing dishes and so on without peeling. The bonus of this post is that at the same time I will update how my top coat and base coat performed. The top coat and base coat used in the picture you see is by Revlon Colorstay. I purchased it a few months ago when HEB (grocery store of Texas) had a 2$ off coupon for cosmetics including nail polishes. They usually run at 4.99 each (for the base coat & top coat). So, I got a good deal for the T& B coat. As for the Nabi nail polish? $1.00 !!

*Nail graphics*

For the nail graphics, there are 7 things you will need.
1. ziplock bag (generic type will do)
2. A dotting tool ( an old pen, tooth pick will do)
3. scotch tape
4. Flat surface (a shoe box and the lid will do)
5. glass bowl
6. acetone
7. toilet paper
8. old pair of tweezers

After you tape the ziplock bag to the lid. You get your dotting tool or old pen and with a nail polish star doing rows of circles. In between the drawing, the nail polish will thicken and that's the clue you need do clean the tip of the tool (to make it easier get a wad of toilet paper, place it in a  glass bowl, pour the acetone, so all you have to do is dip and wiggle the tip until its clean) and for you to start another coat of fresh polish for the dots. NOW, all polishes are not created equal. Some dots will peel easily and other will crack. To peel the graphics, you need a pair of tweezers. You will need to bend the zip-lock bag until you see that the graphic is separating from the zip-lock bag. With you tweezers, you will gently pull it up.  As you can see at the bottom. I say allow 24 hours for the dots to dry. When you peel off the dots, have a clear polish ready and do a quick one swipe on the nail so the dots can adhere. In the case with me, a few had little air bubbles. And yes, when you do put a top coat to seal the graphics, the dots will bleed a bit. Some more than others.

One more thing before I go, this was not my original idea. It was an idea that was shown by Youtube nailart maven


So here it is and share your thoughts on this.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

La Bella Soft Healthy Feet scrub review

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La Bella Foot Scrub
La Bella Foot Scrub swatch

I have to say looking for a facial scrub has been a challenge. A challenge I say because I have really oily skin and I need a gritty scrub for my face. Now granted, you are looking at the title (foot scrub) and then I am putting facial scrub in the same sentence....I'll get to that! I am a long time user of St Ives Apricot scrub. Don't get me wrong, I love it but it is not cutting it out for me anymore. I find myself still with dead skin on my face, and scrubbing it over and over and over. So I thought if there are foot scrubs out there gritty enough to tackle the heel, I am sure there must be something that can handle my face. Case in point "La Bella" foot scrub. Now I have to tell you this brand is geared to Hispanic people a claim that is established in their official website. I say this because if you live in an area that there aren’t too many Hispanic folks living at, you may have to either look closely if your grocery store carries this brand or check out places that carry "Hispanic" goods. Moving on... Let me tell you What I loved about this product. THE PRICE. It is UNDER 3$. YEP under $3.00!!! Secondly it contains 12 ounces of product. The Best thing about the product beside of what already mentioned, the feel. This stuff feels like minty nozema-ish SUPER scrub. I have a high pain tolerance. But this stuff on my face was AWESOME. Super gritty. Super minty. And after I rinsed this product, my face felt so good and perfectly "dead skin" free.

And it helped shrink my pores! a great added bonus. I have been using this scrub on my face for the past week and a half and so far no skin reactions or breakouts whatsoever. And if you really look closely at the ingredients, it has : peppermint oil,eucalyptus oil, thyme extract, sage extract, and pumice..lots and lots of pumice. I have to say I found my Holy grail skin exfoliate. This products rates a perfect 10 for me. I say give this a shot. If you are looking for a gritty scrub that feels good on the skin and budget friendly, look no further. Their official website is: and yes its made in the U.S.A.