Wednesday, August 8, 2012

La Bella Soft Healthy Feet scrub review

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La Bella Foot Scrub
La Bella Foot Scrub swatch

I have to say looking for a facial scrub has been a challenge. A challenge I say because I have really oily skin and I need a gritty scrub for my face. Now granted, you are looking at the title (foot scrub) and then I am putting facial scrub in the same sentence....I'll get to that! I am a long time user of St Ives Apricot scrub. Don't get me wrong, I love it but it is not cutting it out for me anymore. I find myself still with dead skin on my face, and scrubbing it over and over and over. So I thought if there are foot scrubs out there gritty enough to tackle the heel, I am sure there must be something that can handle my face. Case in point "La Bella" foot scrub. Now I have to tell you this brand is geared to Hispanic people a claim that is established in their official website. I say this because if you live in an area that there aren’t too many Hispanic folks living at, you may have to either look closely if your grocery store carries this brand or check out places that carry "Hispanic" goods. Moving on... Let me tell you What I loved about this product. THE PRICE. It is UNDER 3$. YEP under $3.00!!! Secondly it contains 12 ounces of product. The Best thing about the product beside of what already mentioned, the feel. This stuff feels like minty nozema-ish SUPER scrub. I have a high pain tolerance. But this stuff on my face was AWESOME. Super gritty. Super minty. And after I rinsed this product, my face felt so good and perfectly "dead skin" free.

And it helped shrink my pores! a great added bonus. I have been using this scrub on my face for the past week and a half and so far no skin reactions or breakouts whatsoever. And if you really look closely at the ingredients, it has : peppermint oil,eucalyptus oil, thyme extract, sage extract, and pumice..lots and lots of pumice. I have to say I found my Holy grail skin exfoliate. This products rates a perfect 10 for me. I say give this a shot. If you are looking for a gritty scrub that feels good on the skin and budget friendly, look no further. Their official website is: and yes its made in the U.S.A.