Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Big Lots Goodies!

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There is a new Big Lots store that has just opened (I believe) last month. Out of curiosity, my hubby and I went in. Let me just say I felt like a kid in a toy store!!!

Revlon Duo

Found a few of these for $2.00! I already have a silver nail polish and a green one. But hey the price is right!!!

Simply Sweet eyeshadow palette
I never heard of this brand, but on the back of this palette they provided a website ( The impression the website gave me was a novelty company. I tried to look online for any feed back on the quality of these eyeshadows and sadly I could not find any!
Colormates Nail Art
I think these are well priced nail art! Coincidentally enough, it is a Colormates nail polish I purchased at the dollar store that I am trying to get to, for reviewing purposes! I will say the Colormates at this particular Big Lots store is well priced. Sadly, they did not have the Donna Michelle nail Art I found at my dollar tree!

Salon Express Nail Art Stamping Kit

Not bad for the nail art tamping kit, considering my local Sally's they are priced about 9 Dollars!

One of the many things I have found on sale was a lot and I MEAN a lot of Pantene Pro-v shampoo. Well priced for about $3.50! Sorry I did not take a picture of that. Not pictured is an item I purchased, that will be reviewed. Let me just say I bought it because the price was right. Well when I got home and searched the net for "reviews", I was blown away to find out that NOT ONLY is the item discontinued--but it is a HIGHLY coveted beauty item! In fact, many people were begging for the makers to bring it back! I honestly hit the money pot with that one!!!!!

That's it folks! I will say next time I have some dough, I'll be going there AGAIN!!!!!

FTC: I did not pay for the items, just took pictures. Not being payed for taking pictures of these items. All opinions are 100% HONEST!