Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Topics that will be revisited

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Image not my property, I just agree with Homer's Action!

After browsing some topics that I have posted, it has come to my attention that I was not as informative and thorough as I should have been. Because of this oversight, I will be revising and posting some topics.

1. The use of cornstarch/rice powder/arrow root (aka tapioca starch) powder. What I should have done is post pictures with makeup and using the three as a setting powder so you can know/tell the difference. I am allergic to cornstarch; however, I will use it so you can still see how it performs. I will also post pictures so you can see the texture a little better.

2. I will add a picture of the "La Bella" feet scrub so you can see the texture. The review was fine, I will just add the picture of the scrub itself.

as of now I am doing a basic post of some NYX shadows that I own, a simple "Henna" design and Henna benefits/uses. Finally a review of a nail polish bought at Dollar tree. And not to forget, the review of essence primer. I promise to keep the reviews nice, short and simple. Not an entire biography of the product!

I appreciate taking the time to read my reviews. I just barely started coming back to this. I will certainly appreciate it if you would subscribe. It's free and painless and will let me know I am not writing to an empty world! *lol*

Take Care!