Thursday, October 11, 2012

NYC Sheer Red Lipstick review and swatch-very pic heavy

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New York Color lipstick in Sheer Red #309

NYC...a brand that is obtainable in many drugstores and grocery shops. I will say this color on today's review is a cult favorite and I mean it in the most deserving way. You  would think how easily it would be to throw a way a dollar. But man, when in comes to Sheer Red by NYC, is one HELL of a dollar well spent. Let me tell you why.
My Bare Lips

NYC Sheer Red worn at full opacity
All Red lipsticks are no created equal. You have your blue toned, fuchsia red variety that honestly the majority of us cannot wear. I am included in this select majority. When I think of the color "RED" I think of apples, blood (sounds morbid, I know) and of course Snow White. My biggest grippe when it comes to the color Red is that often times when I have purchased a lipstick that looked red was in fact a dark fuchsia-red hybrid. Although I am quite pasty for a Hispanic woman, my undertone is soft yellows and peach, maybe just maybe a pinch of pink. I have seen other people who have Scandinavian roots and their complexion is just pink (like my hubby, a Scandinavian mix himself). Or just women who are extremely fair and that fuchsia red color may look gorgeous on her. For the life of me, it pisses me that most Red lipsticks out there are catered to more Norse roots. I have nothing against that or them, I just wished cosmetics company at least had a variety of Reds that can Cater to: Scandinavian Roots (not only), Mediterranean, African, Native roots and so on.
Now here in the 21st you have people who are of mixed origin (I am in this demographic as well) and for some odd reason companies (some not all) have not even managed to update or expand foundation shades, let alone lipsticks.
So lets get to know a little about NYC New York Color (
What I love about them, is their advertisement. They have done their home work and cater cosmetics that can fit to any race. Even bigger plus is their prices. The lipstick I am reviewing today is one of those lipsticks that I NEED to have two of them. One for my makeup kit and the other for my purse. I will say here in all honesty: THIS IS THE ONLY LIPSTICK I NEEDED TO PURCHASE MORE THAN ONCE. That good it is.

NYC Sheer red swatch in the shade
NYC Sheer Red swatch in sunlight

If you were to categorize this color is a mix of dark berry red. It is not a matte shade, its creme. The lipstick itself is very moisturizing. But this shade my reader, is absolutely UNIVERSAL. That's what I love about this shade, it looks good on anyone. Wear time is about 3 hours, or depending if I am drinking or eating.

NYC Sheer Red blotted and taken in the sunlight

If you are completely turned off by the notion of wearing red lipstick or feel you are not confident to wear such a bold shade;  allow me to give you a little peace of mind by stating that this shade can be worn sheer or as dark as the lipstick allow you to be.

NYC Sheer Red in various, lighting, angles, and opacity

 I was smart and nabbed 2 of these lipsticks for 1 dollar. Come again? They had a 50 cents off coupon, this lipstick retails at .99 cents! YES, 99 cents!
YES NYC is an American Brand, however they are available online at, at their site at this time the lipstick "NYC New York Color Ultra Moist LipWear" is priced at $1.59.

So getting to the benefits, here they are.

Creme Formula
Lipstick Color flattering to my complexion
Availability (state wide)

Availability (International)

So in summation, who will benefit from this purchase? The makeup artist that need a red lipstick that can be downplayed to look like a tinted lipbalm, the person who is in a tight budget and needs a red lipstick color, the person who has tried every single red shade created and cannot find a red shade lipstick that compliments her skin tone. If you meet any of the criteria above, then you are in LUCK!
All I want to say to NYC, THANK YOU for being smart to create a beautiful lipstick color that can look beautiful on anyone around the world at such an affordable price. I love everything about this shade Holy Grail quality and Officially a "Dollar Gem"!