Thursday, October 4, 2012

Banana Boat baby 50+ Sunblock review and swatch

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Banana Boat baby sunblock 50+ tear free

First let me say I have been rather behind when it comes to today's post. I will say in my defense that I live in the Rio Grande Valley. Down here they have (in my opinion) two seasons: Summer and Spring. I know by now most of the USA has 70 degree weather maybe 60 (I'm guessing here) but today my dear reader was a whooping 96 degrees. Yes 96 degrees. So you see today's post is justified! It's still hot down here and we still need to wear sunblock! So on with the show!

There are two reasons why I bought Banana Boat Baby. First, because of the amount. It provides 8 ounces. Secondly, because it has a sensitive formula. This one is for babies. Lastly, because of the 50 plus uv/b protection and price ($7.55 @ HEB). I will admit, before this I was using the Aveeno one, but the formula (eventhough it claims to be oil free) is too rich for my skin. Also for 3 oz I payed $8.00 dollars. Call me cheap, but I want more bang for my buck. I took on the chance mostly because it was geared for babies. I thought if the formula is gentle enough for a baby, it should suit my skin. I am so glad I bought this and let me tell you why.

Banana Boat Baby 50+ Sunblock backside
I was extremely delighted it came with a lot of product. 8 ounces for 8 dollars (roughly speaking)? Fabulous! The formula is right on the money. I use foundation that at times do not provide a high enough SPF. At times, I wear my Garnier BB cream on nice days, but the 15 SPF just doesn't cut it. Due to trial and error, I skip moisturizer when using this sunblock. When you layer your face and mind you if you have an oily face like mine: layering cream, after cream, after cream is rather stupid. Stupid because if your face is already oily, why pack on more oil? Do you really need more oil on your skin? Exactly, YOU DO NOT! I learned when using this sunblock, to apply it right after I wash my face. By the time I finish doing my eyes, my skin has soaked up the product and I do not have to wait around to apply my foundation. Technical "techniques"  uses aside, I love this formula. This is not creamy, or greasy its more liquid.
Swatch for Banana Boat Baby 50+ Sunblock
The best comparison I can give you is Oil of Olay moisturizer for sensitive skin 15 SPF. I admit, I own the knock -off version sold in Wal-Mart and the texture is almost just like it. When I apply to my skin, it feels like a water based light cream. Not oily and it really soaks up instantly. Do not be afraid of the swatch. It looks pale white at the bottom, it actually disappears once you rub it on your skin. Like anything you apply on your skin, with time you will see the oil. I use regular tissue paper to blot and my skin looks just as good when I applied it. So who will enjoy this? anyone who needs a proper sunblock that won't irritate your skin!

The price (8 dollars/it may depend where you purchase it)
the amount: 8 oz
sensitive formula/not greasy
high SPF 50+

none that I can think of!

Do not spend 30 to 50 dollars for an expensive sunblock/moisturizer. This one does the job of two at such an affordable price. When in doubt for a sunblock for either play or work; give this one a shot. For me this is holy grail stuff!