Wednesday, November 14, 2012

LA COLORS lipgloss Red Alert review & pictures

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LA Colors lipgloss in Red Alert

One of the reasons I selected this lipgloss it was because I do not own any red glosses at all. The color looked beautiful from their display and I wanted to take a chance on it. Talk about looks can be deceiving!!! I will say I am not an expert when it comes to color. I thought this was going to be a typical red, but this baby has blue undertones!!!
La Colors Red Alert lipgloss swatch in the shade
LA Colors lipgloss in Red Alert, pictured in the sunlight
I will say I am fair complected, but honest to God I stay away from blue toned lip products. For some reason I thought I could not pull it off. I was surprised to look that this gloss actually looked good on me!

LA Colors lipgloss Red Alert, on my lips by itself

LA Colors lipgloss in Red Alert, blotted 2nd view
As you can see from above, this lipgloss pack a punch!!! An extremely pigmented lipgloss at such an affordable price point .81 cents from the sale!!!! Gloss felt nice on my lips, very moisturizing!!!!
LA Colors lipgloss Red Alert, blotted

Once I blotted this lipgloss, it looked a bit patchy. But the color left behind, looked quite pretty. This gloss lasted about 2 hours of wear time with usual drinking and snacking.

So in short, what are the pros and cons of this lipgloss


affordable, pigmented, moisturizing


short wear time, looks patchy when blotted

I really enjoy this color. Sometimes it pays to be adventurous with colors you would not think would compliment your skin tone. 

Do not be afraid of this brand!! give them a chance!!!

La Colors are available at: Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, ebay,