Sunday, November 25, 2012

Wet n Wild megashield lipstick in "A Currant Affair"- review n photos.

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Wet n Wild megashield lipstick in "A Currant Affair"
While I was organizing my lipsticks, it occurred to me I have not reviewed this lipstick at all! And once again, I am reminded that I own a perfect shade of red lipstick, so no MORE hunting!!!! On with the review.

Unlike Megalast, Megashield is a complete different animal when it comes to texture.
According to Wen n Wild official website ( it describes Megashield...
"Color, comfort, and care! Luxurious color delivers hours of sheer-to-moderate coverage that glides on buttery-soft for a smooth, moist-looking pout. Lips are pampered with Vitamin E, Amino Acids, Avocado Oil, and Rice Bran Oil that moisturize and condition for silky, soft comfort. And with SPF 15, lips are cared for and protected from harmful UVB rays". 

Wet n Wild are 100% correct in their description. While Megalast have a "Matte" formula, Megashield is in fact a "Creme" formula. And when they said buttery smooth, they are correct in saying so because this baby does glide like butter. So pigmented and so smooth you would think you have to pay an arm and a leg for this lipstick. I payed under $3.00 dollars for this shade.
My Bare lips

Wet n Wild A Currant Affair swatched in sunlight
Wet n Wild A currant Affair swatched in the shade

Wet N Wild megashield lipstick "A Currant Affair" on my lips, shade
Wet n Wild megashield lipstick in "A Currant Affair"
So how does this lipstick performs?

Pretty damn well if I say so!!! It lasts on my lips for about 3-4 hours with my usual snacking and drinking. It does not feather. It does not dry out my lips.

What I love?

Wet n Wild hit a home run with this lipstick. IF YOU are looking for a perfect red lipstick whether it is for a Christmas Party or for a formal event, this baby will not disappoint. Just like my review on NYC Sheer Red lipstick, this lipstick is also a very Universal Red. It does not matter your skin color, this will look GOOD ON YOU!!!!!!!!!!! This a red that has no blue tones, no pink tones. Just plain ol' RED that looks damn good. 

In short, I highly recommend this shade to everyone. And if Wet n Wild discontinue this color..........they will be absolutely out of their minds to do so.

100% recommend, And Holy Grail Quality!!!!!

Wet n Wild products are available at: walmart, walgreens, HEB, ebay,,

Need I say more? :)

***Just for kicks while I was working on this post, I was listening to a song I used to hear alot during highschool. do not think I am nasty!!!! This is just the 90s man!***