Sunday, November 11, 2012

LA Colors lipstick Berry Ice review & photos.

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Before I go on about my review, let me say this has been overdue. I have been quite ill and busy all at the same time. Not fun at all. Even when I was at my worst, I still managed to document my reviews in hopes when I felt better, I can post them. I will say I am still ill. I have a sinus infection and on top of that I work! AY AY AY.....
Sorry for my long delay and hope you find this review helpful. :)

LA Colors lipstick Berry Ice

A few weeks ago I ventured into a new Family Dollar that is located a few blocks from where I live. Quite convenient because now I can go to Dollar tree and Family Dollar without having to waste gas!!! They have a beautifully displayed La Colors cosmetics (shadows, nail polish, etc...). Of course I am a lipstick person, so I was immediately drawn to their lipsticks. I selected 4 of them (one is a gloss) and one of them was Berry Ice. I will say that I thought it would be a berry color, but I was mistaken. It is a hybrid of other beautiful "berries". Let me show you some pictures and you tell me what you think.
LA Colors lipstick Berry Ice swatch in the shade
If you would have shown me a swatch of this color, I would be the first person to say "HELL NO...I will stay away from this color"! But you know what, I was pleasantly surprised.
LA Colors lipstick swatch of Berry Ice, taken in sunlight
LA Colors lipstick Berry Ice, taken in the shade
Berry Ice can be best described as a creme blue toned Berry/Pink color. The pigmentation of this lipstick is phenomenal considering what I payed for them. Unbeknownst to me, they had a buy one, get one 50% off (they did not have a display letting the public know they where on sale, weird if you ask me---since they SHOULD advertise it....anyways.....). So for my 4 purchases it equaled to 3.25 including tax! So in short I payed 81 cents per item!!! 
When it comes to performance, this lipstick holds up to 3 hours with my normal drinking and snacking. It DID not dry my lips at all (their lipsticks contain aloe vera and squalane). When I blotted my lips, it gave a nice subtle look.
LA COLORS lipstick in Berry Ice, blotted

So who should purchase this lipsticks? A person who wants to experiment with lipstick colors without breaking the bank. Those who are on a budget. Actually just about anyone!

I understand that the brand is not "posh". But you know what, If the brand delivers great color range, great quality and is affordable: you are missing out on a great product!

This is my very first LA Color lipstick I have owned, and I am excited to try out their other goodies!!

I can honestly say this product is a Dollar Gem, Holy Grail Quality and 100% recommend it to anyone!!!

LA Colors are sold at:

Dollar Tree, Family Dollar,, ebay ( just type La Colors)

official website of la colors: