Sunday, November 18, 2012

Spotted At HEB: Profusion and LA Colors eyeshadows!!!

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While doing some shopping at HEB (supermarket chain of Texas), I took a few minutes to see what goodies they had for display!!!

Profusion Blockbuster palette for $10.00 at HEB!

Profusion palette, close up

I tried to swatch one color, but man they had a hard plastic covering them. In real life, the colors look very beautiful. Perfect for the Winter and Spring!!!

La Colors Star Gazer palette in Admire

LA Colors Star Gazer palette in Contemplate

LA Colors Star Gazer Palette in Make-out

These LA COLORS palettes are priced at 1.99!!! I was able to swatch one color (sorry I did not post, one of the workers kept looking at me...had to move quickly)
The color in terms in quality is a bit below the 88 shimmer palette "color,vibrancy quality". If you are new to makeup, then these LA COLORS palettes are a fabulous way to start. If you already own the 88 matte (original) and 88 shimmer palettes (where you can purchase them at,,, then honestly you can forgo this purchase. If you find yourself having to need a makeup kit you can leave in your desk or at your boyfriend's/girlfriends--- then this palette is quite convenient. Only catch is that the majority if not ALL of the colors are shimmers/frosted colors.
You would need to purchase a palette that offers mostly matte colors or purchase a few matte eyeshadows that would be your staple colors (beige, brown, dark brown).
Overall, I am glad that HEB are having these colors available mass market. Its a decent way to pay for the product as opposed to spending extra money for shipping and handling.

FTC: was not payed to take pictures. was not payed no mention places where other cosmetics can be purchased. all opinions expressed on this post are honest.