Sunday, December 2, 2012

A Justified Complaint: Family Dollar and their reply to my complaint.CASECLOSED

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If you have been recently reading my blog, you have noticed I written a complaint about Family Dollar. You can either scroll down, or click "Complaints" on your right side. I have made the announcement that I will not be reviewing any items purchased at Family Dollar until I hear feedback from their Customer Care department. Well, I recently gotten a letter from them. So, just as I was eager to complaint about the issue, I feel it would be fair to let you know how they handled the situation. I only erased my personal info as well as the identity of the person who replied out of courtesy and respect for privacy.

Without further ado, here is the letter.

Family Dollar's reply to my complaint
Family Dollar's "refund" for my foundation

My Thoughts

First of all, I appreciate the fact they took their time to communicate with me. Once I emailed my complaint within 24-28 hours I received an email from their customer care department. The amount of the refund was fair because it does cover the price of the foundation and tax.

Will I purchase cosmetics again at Family Dollar?

I will continue to purchase goods at Family Dollar with caution. For sure I will purchase lipsticks, nail polish, shampoo and conditioner, hair styling products. In other words, products that I have used before. I will not purchase foundation there again.

Final Comments?

Because they replied and remedied the situation, I will lift my temporary ban on goods purchased at Family Dollar and resume reviewing them. I will even review the "foundation" that I tried to return.

A Message to the CEO of Family Dollar

I know my blog does not get the thousands of hits like other ones on the web. In fact, more likely you might read this 3 years later. Nevertheless, I wanted to say a few things to you. I appreciate your customer service department handled my complaint swiftly and with care. This made me feel like a valued customer. So, if you ever get the chance to meet the person who took care of the situation..shake her hand for doing a wonderful job. People like her need to be promoted and developed in your industry.

Ok...for the not so good thoughts.

Here in Texas, the people that get hired are either: relatives, unqualified, uneducated and all three.
This is a never-ending vicious cycle happening here and sadly, it gives a bad image to your company. I am not elitist. I am not saying unqualified people and uneducated people should not be hired. What I am saying is that when you interview people, weed out the ones who do not know the basics of customer care, business ethics and leadership. If the person is inexperienced, but willing to learn: then hire that person and develop them closely so they can be a positive contributor to your company. If the Regional Manager is incapable of distinguishing the ideal qualities in a Manager, Assistant Manager and their staff; then that individual is not fit for their role.

Make the Regional Manager accountable for the Manager's training and professional behavior. If the Manager was improperly trained, lacks tact and diplomacy dealing with the customers: why on earth would you hire/keep someone like that? If the Regional Manager did not properly train the Manager: why would you KEEP someone like that on payroll? One bad apple, spoils the bunch. If a Manager behaves that way in front of the customers, then what type of lesson are you teaching your staff? That I can be rude because I am the "Manager". I can get away with anything because " I am a Manager"? What about you Regional Manager? Did he/she just took the word of the recently hired "Manager" that he/she had over 8 years of managing experience, and therefore;  qualified for the job vacancy? There needs to be ACCOUNTABILITY at all levels!!!!! You are as strong as your weakest link, remember that.

Do not get comfortable sitting in your office. Do a few "undercover" inspections on how the stores are run like the show "Undercover Boss". Do not forget that maybe once upon a time you were a customer care representative, that you were once promoted as a Manager for good reason. Do not forget your early days before you were developed into a CEO. Do not get out of touch with your line of work. Your employees are not an "employee number", they are people that represent YOU and your company on a daily basis.

Do not forget that it takes time to amass consumers and a quick second to loose them for good.


FTC:  I was not payed to write my thoughts on this post. I was compensated because the manager of the store did not give me a refund/store credit, so customer care gave me a gift card as a way to resolve my complaint. These are my 100% honest thoughts.