Sunday, December 30, 2012

Vanart Classic Shampoo: a dupe for Prell! photos and review

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I have been meaning to blog about today's review. But thankfully a bolt smashed in my head to remind me.

Lets be honest, we have been hearing about Clarifying shampoos and non-sulfate shampoos for how long??? Exactly, too long to admit. At first I bought Prell because for nostalgic reasons: the smell. I know some people hate it and compare the smell to dish washing soap. But for me, it reminded me how I first came to the USA back in 1988. As a kid in the Caribbean, I have never seen this shampoo, so for me Prell is in my heart. This shampoo retails for 2.99 for 13.5 oz and as much as I LOVE the smell of Prell (and an awesome clarifying shampoo that takes off mouse, gel, hairspray), that's alot of money for a little shampoo. One time while browsing at walmart, I saw the Vanart shampoo at the area of imported Mexican beauty goods and out of curiosity I grabbed a Prell bottle and compared it to Vanart-- would you believe they have almost IDENTICAL INGREDIENTS!!!!!!!!
Let me show ya!

Vanart Clasic and Prell Shampoo front
Vanart Classic Shampoo backside, ingredients
Prell Shampoo backside, ingredients
Now, here is the kicker- Vanart Classic retails for: $1.99 for almost 3x the amount!!!! It has a clean smell, but has the exact consistency of Prell Shampoo.
This my friend is A DUPE of all DUPES. Very budget friendly and if you live in a hispanic neighborhood, this shampoo is EVERYWHERE. Believe me I know!!!!!!

So just like Prell, it takes off hairspray, gel, mouse and even the extra dye of your hair ( that's is when you have freshly applied the hair dye, and you are about the wash it off---) When my hair dries, just like Prell, it feels super clean, no oil residue, no extra gunk. I simply Love this!!!!! To me, this is holy grail stuff and AFFORDABLE!!!!!! I highly recommend this!!!

Vanart is available at: HEB (Texas grocery chain store), Walmart, Kmart, Amazon, Ebay