Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Nabi Nail polish in 106 round glitter and 138 Metallic Emerald

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I will admit, I really was not planning to post pictures of my nails. They do not look good. Did it quickly yesterday for a Christmas Dinner. Since these polishes were bought last year (was meaning to blog about caught up with other things) and I wanted to take the opportunity to show you the colors. Granted this is not a full review. However, I hope these pictures might help you should you are thinking about purchasing some Nabi Nail polishes.

Nabi Nail polish in 138 Metallic Emerald.

This is a beautiful color. It should have been called Metallic Chartreuse. It only took 2 coats, although I admit I was quite in a hurry. In reality this polish can still work with one coat. If you are looking for an affordable metallic chartreuse color, do check out Metallic Emerald by Nabi-- it will fit the bill.
Nabi Nail polish 106 round Glitter, close up.

Nabi Nail polish 106 Round Glitter

This is the glitter polish used to layer. Reason I used it  was because it resembled a bit of Christmas Colors and flickering lights. The glitter shown are round gold, red and blue. It has very small gold glitter as filler, to enhance the glitters. Formula is not runny or thick (just like the metallic emerald). I had to layer it twice to get more of a concentrated glitter. Both polishes took a good hour or so to dry completely. As in, once you touch it is hard. These two polishes are over a year old and perform as if they were bought yesterday. Extremely Happy about that.

So here it is. Gorgeous colors and affordable-- cannot complaint!
In case you are wondering where I bought it; it was purchased at a mom and pop store in downtown McAllen. No, they do not have a website. But hey, support local business!!! They help provide products that are hardly available in mass stores and you are helping your local economy!!!

Ok Ok Ok Michelle, enough with the political preaching.
Any questions, comments? write below! Hope you guys had a great Xmas, Hanukah, Kwanza or Festivus (*lol*~~it comes from the Jerry Seinfeld Show).
Christmas was good. Got a new phone (photos of this post are with the new Samsung Galaxy slider), a gift card to Old Navy and a gift from my aunt. Got the hubby the NutriBullet which I hope to review later this month.