Tuesday, December 11, 2012

NYX eyeshadows: Browns, Grays, and Taupes**picture heavy**

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As promised, I am going to show you swatches of my Nyx eyeshadows. As before, this is a not a review. I will be giving my personal view of the eyeshadow, texture and how it's best used. Please take this with a grain of salt. What it is matte to me, might be satin to you. Nevertheless, I hope you find this information useful should you decide to purchase a NYX eyeshadow. So, on with the show!!!

NYX eyeshadow swatches (taken in the shade)*left to right* Rootbeer, Charcoal Brown,Dark Gray, Hawaiian Coffee, Gypsy, Taupe Pearl, Dune.

The Weather in South Texas has been slowly catching up to the rest of the U.S.A. At times the sun would come out, and at time it would not. The picture quality provided is the best of what I could do for the day. Same thing for the swatches I provided. The colors I will say are photo accurate. This is how they really look when I apply the eyeshadow.

Here is an alternate picture

NYX eyeshadow swatches (left to right): Rootbeer, Charcoal Brown, Dark Gray, Hawaiian Coffee, Gypsy, Taupe Pearl, Dune

NYX Eyeshadow: Rootbeer and Charcoal Brown

RootBeer: officially this shade has been described as "shimmer" and it is. A very safe color to use during the daytime. Perfect transitional color. Over blending this color will cause the color to disappear.
The color of Rootbeer is best described as a marriage of brown milk, dash of gray, and a pinch of purple. Sheer- light medium wash of color.
Charcoal Brown: officially described matte. It is actually a matte!! One of the most versatile colors that NYX provides. My personal favorite to shade my brow, and line my bottom lashes. Perfect crease color as well. Charcoal Brown is exactly what it is: a mixture of brown and dark gray. If you are looking for a eyebrow shade color that has no red undertone; look no further! This will fit the bill for anyone that has eyebrows the color of black (like me) and dark brown. Medium to full opacity. HIGHLY Recommend!!!

NYX eyeshadow: Dark Gray and Hawaiian Coffee

Dark Gray: officially described as a matte color and it is. This eyeshadow is such a disappointment. Chalky texture and looks patchy!!!! One of the most difficult to use NYX eyeshadow has available. A real shame. They need to reformulate this eyeshadow!!! I officially DO NOT recommend purchasing this eyeshadow. The color is exactly as described: a dark gray. Patchy medium.full opacity.
Hawaiian Coffee: officially described as a matte and it is! This is a beautiful unique color of the bunch. If you are tired of using brown color, give this color a shot. The shade sits between Dark Brown with a hint of purple. Completely matte and easy to use. One of my personal favorites! Medium to full opacity.

NYX eyeshadows: Gypsy, Taupe Pearl and Dune
Gypsy: officially described as a shimmer (at cherryculture, yes this applies to all the official descriptions provided). It is a shimmer (has a tiny bit of glitter) but with some color. Another safe color to use during the day time. As I mentioned, it has glitter but just a few specks (gold), not disco ball magnitude. The color itself is a soft brown-purple-red. Blending this color will cause color to disappear. Sheer-slight medium wash of color.
Taupe Pearl: officially described as metallic. It sits between a metallic sheen and satin. The color in the swatch can produce some  doubt. In real life it looks like an Antiqued Gold. Some will say that is a taupe color, while others may say it isn't. I am bringing this up because if you want to purchase a "taupe" color, you really need to face what is your definition of taupe. To me, taupe should be a marriage of gray and brown. This color is more of a brownish gold. The color is of great quality! But if you are wanting a "taupe color" that sits between gray and brown- this is not one of them. Again, this is my personal opinion. medium to full opacity
Dune: Officially described as a metallic, which it is. This color is actually a taupe!!!!!
A perfect marriage of soft brown and gray! Again, my personal opinion. Easy to use. Medium to full opacity.

So guys here it is as promised!  Tell me your thoughts, don't be afraid to comment here! Hope you have a good Tuesday!!!