Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wet n Wild Silkfinish lipstick in Fuchsia with Blue Pearl, a review.

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Wet n Wild silk finish lipstick in Fuchsia with Blue pearl # 521A
Why Wet n Wild do you tempt me so with your sales??? As you pretty much figured it out, I bought this lipstick along with some others while there was a sale in HEB. They had a .50 cents off coupon. Silkfinish lipsticks are the ones that costs .99 cents and are in the silver tube. The website describes these lipsticks as "Enriched with conditioning ingredients of Vitamins A & E and Aloe Vera for moist-looking lips".
Is this claim true? Yes and No. it really depends on the lipstick. They have some lippies (which I will review much later) that feel like a cross between a lipbalm and lipstick; there is nothing wrong with that. There are others that still look gorgeous, but they are frosty. Frosty lipsticks do not feel "moist" after a while.

Lets get to the juicy side of this lippie...

Fuchsia with Blue Pearl swatch taken in the shade

Fuchsia with Blue Pearl swatch taken in the sunlight
Fuchsia with Blue Pearl lipstick picture taken indoors.

Do not let this color fool you. When you see the picture of the tube taken in the shade, it is a very color accurate color!!!! For fun I actually took this picture indoors. Why? I really wanted to see if the "blue pearl" will be obvious. As you can see it isn't. In fact, you would think this is an office friendly color. But beware, once you hit the sunlight it's a different and a much truer color!!!!!

Fuchsia with Blue Pear lipstick, taken in the shade
Fuchsia with Blue Pear, alternate lighting

This color is a pink with blue. A fun color for the summer or just anytime when you want a pop of color without spending 10.00 dollars You would think this color would compliment only extremely fair complected people. I will say this color will look good in just about anyone. So I'll get to the points of this lipstick.

What's to Love?
The price, the price, the price!!! Seriously at practically 60 cents you really cannot ask for anything more. This particular lipstick was quite emollient, moisturizing. The color is unique (for me) since I never owned anything like it.The kind of lipstick Barbie and JEM would wear!!!!

Wear time is about 3 hours. It did not dry my lips out at all.

I swear, Wet n Wild got GAME!!!!!!!!!

Final Thoughts???

If you want a fun color without sacrificing your budget GET THIS. If you want to experiment with colors at a budget, GET THIS. Just get it, dang!!!!! *lol*

Highly recommend 100%!!!!!!!

Wet n Wild cosmetics are sold at: Walmart, HEB, Walgreens,, ebay