Thursday, September 13, 2012

Avon Ultra rich Lipstick in Sheer Raspberry Ice-review *pic heavy*

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Avon lipstick Sheer Rasberry Ice

I must admit, I have owned this lipstick for over a year now. That's the reason why the lipstick seemed used not brand new. But given the fact I have owned this lipstick for a long time, it gives me the advantage to tell you about this lipstick and why I love it so much.

There was a sale with Avon (see, I told ya I like them sales!). This lipstick, according to the Avon website retails at 7.00 dollars. I was able to purchase this lipstick at 50% percent off. So, I ended up paying 3.50 plus tax. I picked the color from the booklet, they did not have a tester at all. So in reality, I purchased this lipstick with blind hope.  Boy, I lucked out!!!

Bare lips without any lipstick

Lips applied with Sheer Raspberry Ice lipstick from Avon
What I like is that this formula is creamy with a little hint of satin. This lipstick did not dry my lips at all. The color is universal and the wear time for me was 3-4 hours. You can have a porcelain complexion or olive skintone and this lipstick will really bring out the best of your lips, seriously. In my opinion this is one of the most underrated lipstick shade from the Avon collection. I will confess that before I planned to review this lipstick, I went to Avon's website just to see if they still have the shade available and they do! If you need a lipstick that can be perfect for work or play, this shade knocks it out of the park. What saddens me is that this lipstick is not talked about because it truly deserves our attention. Even if you are not a fan of Avon's perfumes or makeup, you need to give this shade a try. Seriously.
Me wearing Avon lipstick Sheer Raspberry Ice

Swatch for Avon Sheer Raspberry Ice
Again beautiful color. Avon gives plenty of chances to nab their shades at a reasonable cost due to their sales (right now it is priced at 4.99, same cost of a lipstick purchased at Walmart, Target or in my case in Texas Grocery Store HEB).
Beautiful Lipstick and Holy Grail quality!
Let me know your thoughts!

**sorry for the typo** Its raspberry not rasberry, d'uh! Michelle**