Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Natural Beauty: Rice powder/ Corn Starch/ Tapioca Starch as setting powder

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Rice powder and Corn Starch powder as setting powder

Before I go on and explain this blog topic, allow to me to explain briefly why I used pill bottles for storage. Number 1) Because I did not have cosmetic jars. Number 2) I am cheap and did not want to spent gas money and regular money just to pay for a $2 jar. With gas and all, I thought it would be too much of a waste. I rather use that money to purchase nail polish, that's just me. Moreover, I take medication that lasts every month, I get refills and end up  having a bunch of these bottles left over. So, yes I am being frugal and "green" at the same time. Ok...moving on.

There is no denying all of us having different skin types. I have oily skin. In fact, some weeks ago I went to Elizabeth Arden beauty counter since they were having these face analyzing tools which measures your skin elasticity, sun damage and so forth. My face results came back mixed. I have good elasticity (thanks to my nightly ritual using Grape Seed oil, which I will post another time about), but I do have a bit of sun damage (thanks to my golfing day during high school) and have very oily skin. On top of having oily skin, and I allergic to talcum powder. You know the powder you use after the shower, the fancy one you use for your face. YES that one. I did not realize I was allergic to talcum until 6 years ago. Before the internet and everything virtual, there were 2 ways you gained information about beauty products and advice, well 3. First one, from either your mother, grandmother or friends. Secondly, you get it from magazines (even during the 1990s even that was an expense my mother could not afford). Third, well finally from the television. Back in the 1990s there was a show hosted by Cindy Crawford on MTV called " House of Style" (just read on rolling stone MTV it bringing back the show, AT LAST MTV has some braincells after all). At that time, she would talk about fashion, trends and even cool tips. Heck even when I was 14 back in 92' I even experimented using koolaid to stain the hair! An idea that was advertised in one of their episodes. But when it came to cosmetics, my goodness it was all a mystery to me, sadly the show did not raise any issue of cosmetics and allergic reactions. In fact, I thought it was completely normal that your nose or face would itch after setting it with powder. It was not until 6 years ago I came across a beauty forum when other women were discussing that issue. They pinpointed that talcum powder as the perpetrator of their cause for itch and allergic reaction. Alas, I now knew why all those years my nose was red and my face itched like hell. So, now when I buy cosmetics it needs to be talcum free, period. A year ago my beloved Loreal Hydra Perfecte loose powder was discontinued ( just barely past month they started releasing it again, kudos for Loreal). So, my search for a setting powder came to a halt until I was browsing Palladio cosmetics at Sallys. They had a setting powder that had rice powder (BIG plus) but they use as a filler Talcum powder (big minus). After doing some research of old cosmetic techniques used for cosmetic (using plain rice powder, tapioca starch or cornstarch for set the makeup) I exclaimed "Eureka"!!! Got a 1 pound bag of rice powder for just One dollar at an import store and I already had Corn Starch in my kitchen. Depending where you purchase it, but cornstarch can set you back no more than 3 dollars. It offers no "white cast" to my foundation. It soaks up all the oil of my face. Gives me a lovely matte finish and MY FACE DOES NOT ITCH!!!!!! It is the perfect translucent powder on the market with no harsh additives! I even mix my rice powder with some clay for a lovely mask. So whether you are light complected, dark complected, have combo oily skin or even sensitive skin give both corn starch or rice powder a try. Even if you are not into the whole "natural beauty" lifestyle, give these powders a chance. It made a real difference on me and the results are worth it. Let me know if you have tried this or if it worked on you or not. I would love to hear you! Til' Next time!


I was using corn starch for a while and sadly it makes my skin itch just as bad as talc :( . So it is with great regret that I cannot recommend the use of cornstarch. I have read many great articles on how some individuals are allergic to corn in every which way. I can eat it, but it cannot be in my cosmetics. On the upside is that when I bought my rice powder I failed to mention I did buy Tapioca Starch aka "arrow root powder". Both tapioca and rice powder do not make me itch, seriously. Still wonderful skin mattifiers. Both of them were purchased at the Asian good store for about a $1 each. I highly recommend to check out places that sell lots of Asian goods. I find that those places have great food/items at a very reasonable cost. Plus I am all for supporting mom and pop stores. In case you are wondering, I stored my tapioca powder in one of my medicine bottles *ha ha  ha*. But anyways, thanks for reading.