Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hard Candy Just face It foundation-review *picture heavy*

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Hard Candy Just face It foundation in 361 Fair

First of all, let me say I AM GLAD that my walmart stocked up on Hard Candy! For the past year I would visit my walmart and even asked the associates if the brand was returning at all and every single f'n time they had NO CLUE. By sheer luck, a week or so ago I was in the mood to look at stuff at Walmart and behold there was "Hard Candy" goodies beautifully displayed. Why does it take almost a YEAR to get re-stocked for Hard Candy?? That's one mystery the gang and scooby doo can't solve. Moving on...

I have been running out of foundation and I wanted to give this one a try. I saw the color #361 fair and out of all the ones, this one matches my complexion the closest. It costs 7.00 Dollars. If you use Revlon Color Stay (both regular or whipped) in the color "buff", then this is a pretty decent close match to the color. This shade; however, has a bit of a peachy tone. My skin leans towards a peachy-yellow tone and this color when worn is a perfect match in that sense.
Hard Candy foundation

Hard Candy foundation BackSide

Now I must admit, when I bought the foundation I really did not read about the benefits of this foundation or its promises. Quite honestly I just liked the color and thought it was nice it came in a pump. But it was not after my 2nd use in which I actually payed attention to the bottle and again "its" promises. Here I am gonna quote from the Hard Candy Website: "Get perfect skin in one step! This all in one makeup maven is everything you need in 1 bottle. It functions as a primer, concealer, a foundation and dries to a powdery finish. Long wearing formula delivers a beautifully smooth, flawless look with its blendable, buildable coverage. It minimizes pores, regulates oil, and reduces the appearance of fine lines".

I admit first time I used it was with the usual moisturizer, primer et cetera et cetera. The result? It looked too cakey. But once I read the back of the bottle, I skipped my regular routine, and just applied the foundation to a clean face. The way the foundation feels reminded me VERY VERY much to the regular colorstay I grew up using. And just like colorstay, you need to work this foundation with a speedy hand. Why? This formula is a little drier and it will set fast. I used my fingers like the good old days.
**wanted to add that the pump works well, however because this is a drier formula when you pump it once, it pumps alot of product (my opinion though). I found myself pumping it half way just to get enough to cover half of the face.**


1. The foundation is medium to full coverage. It won't cover your postmarks, but it will  tone down the redness of your skin.
2. Loved the matte finish/powdery look to my face (a claim they promise and actually succeeds)
3. Even with my mega oily skin, this foundation actually help to tame the oiliness. Upon reading the ingredients, it actually contains KAOLIN CLAY, SILICA and Cucumber Extract. Kaolin is a perfect oil absorber, Silica a great buffer to fine lines and Cucumber helps to retain a little moisture. If Hard Candy would prominently display these 3 ingredients on their website and their benefits, it would help other people give this foundation a chance given that these 3 ingredients alone help achieve a matte look. Again, that's an advice I would give them.
4. After wearing the foundation for up to 5 hours, I lightly touched up my face with tissue paper (seriously just tissue paper, not the blot papers you can buy) my face looked identical to the way it was when I freshly applied the foundation for that day.


1. If applied the wrong way, it can look cakey. This is not a foundation issue, but the person who executes the application of the foundation.
2. Color Selection minimal.
Hard Candy Just Face It swatch outside light

Hard Candy Just Face It foundation swatch in the Shade

My face bare, no foundation

Hard Candy Just Face It foundation in Fair applied

So, would I recommend this foundation? I will depending on your skin type. If you have combo oily, oily or a normal skin, give this foundation a chance. If you have a drier skin, I do not think this foundation would work. But hey, I could be wrong. Sensitive Skin?? Like in my case, I cannot wear anything with talcum powder and this foundation DOES NOT contain it! A huge plus and something "Hard Candy" should inform and would be a benefit to the company and to other people who are allergic to Talcum Powder. Hard Candy  THIS IS A HINT FOR YOU!!!!!!!! I really payed no attention to their setting powders or powders in general they offer, BUT if they are "thinking of making" a complimentary setting powder, a "talcum free- setting powder" with ingredients like rice powder, cornstarch and/or kaolin would sure be a HIT for the company and the Hard Candy consumer. Again Hard Candy, HINT HINT!!!

All in all, this is a fabulous product. I am hoping they could expand the color range for the foundation not to leave our Scandinavian, Asian, European, Caribbean and African sisters behind. Have testers available, although walmart has been pretty good in refunding me my money as long as I kept the receipt.
In the future I will post a picture of my face partially so you can see how it looks. Will also do a comparison review with this foundation and the Neutragena Shine Control one.

Hard Candy gets an A+ from me.