Sunday, September 23, 2012

Ulta lipgloss Starlet-swatch and review

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Ulta gloss in Starlet

Before I go on with this review, let me just say I was supposed to review the new Essence "I love Stage" eye base. However, the next day the eye which I tested out the base broke out! Now, I like to give things the benefit of doubt. So I am going to allow my eye to heal. Once it's healed, then I can re-do the "test" of Essence Eyebase vs Urban Decay Primer Potion. Anyways....moving on.

I have owned this lipgloss for sometime now. I was looking for a nice pink lipgloss. Not a florescent pink mind you, but a pink that can be worn for any occasion.
This shade attracted me from the bunch because I thought it complimented with my natural lipcolor. That's just an observation I made inside at Ulta. When I got home and tried it on, I was very glad I purchased this color (during the buy one get one free promo).

My bare lips

My lips with Ulta lipgloss Starlet


As you can see, it is such a pretty pink color with little glimmers. I understand some people may be put off having glitter in their lipglosses, but I actually welcome it! My lips are naturally plump as is, but I feel the glitters appeals to the inner coquette in all of us! So innocent and yet intriguing. What's not to love about this color!?! The gloss itself is very comfortable to wear. Did not dry out my lips at all. It has a little flavor to it, but it does not bother me. The wear time for this lipgloss is like any ordinary lipgloss you apply: it boils down if you are drinking and eating throughout the day, then you must re-apply.

Ulta Starlet lipgloss swatch on direct light

I highly recommend this shade to anyone who is looking for a gloss that brings out the pink shade of your natural lips. Perhaps you are looking for a lipgloss that is both sexy and innocent "looking" at the same time. I recommend purchasing any Ulta brand when Ulta has a "buy one get one free" deal. That's just my opinion.
If you really dislike lipgloss that has some glitter, then perhaps you may need to pass this one up. Although, I would think you would be absolutely crazy not to get it. Again, my opinion.