Sunday, September 23, 2012

Nyx lipgloss in Sponge Cake-swatch and review

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Nyx lipgloss in Sponge Cake

If you were to read a few posts below, you will notice this is the shade I purchased during my modest Ulta Haul. A Haul in which I rightfully used their 3.50 off a 10$ "purchase"  PROMO to my advantage. I will admit, I was not planning to purchase a gloss. The real reason I purchased this shade is because I thought it was a shade that would compliment my lip color and complexion. I will say this was the most expensive item of the haul. At the price of 5.49 then minus (-1.28) b/c of the promo. So at 4.21, for a moment I thought, is it really worth it?? We shall soon see about that!
NYX lipgloss Sponge Cake swatches

Now just by looking at the swatches, the color is actually really pretty. It sits between a red/pink with a pinch of brown. It has little glitters, which I don't mind at all.
NYX lipgloss Sponge Cake on lips
Close up of Nyx lipgloss in Sponge Cake on my lips
This a shade I can honestly say you can get away using it alone if you are not in the mood of wearing a lipstick. If you are into the whole "barely there" look, this is the perfect lipgloss to purchase since it just enhances your lip color. it is not a "bright" lipgloss or as pinkish looking as the Ulta gloss I happened to review (look below). This is more muted, a perfect everyday color if you ask me. It does have glitters and I like it since it gives the illusion that your lips are plump (not that I need the help int hat department). It still has the same "Nyx lipgloss" flavor regardless of lipgloss color. Wear time is pretty short. If you drink soda or anything for that matter you will need to reapply afterward, every time. But is it worth the $5.49? At the end that question can only be answered by you. If any cosmetic you purchase meets your expectations whether it is a $5.00 item or $50.00, then that purchase it worth it. It met mine. But I will hold off buying them unless they are on sale. That's me though. But I highly recommend it IF and only IF you are looking for a color that naturally enhances your lip color and don't mind the glitter.